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GHS Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS Program)

GHS Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS Program)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services is a temporary form of mental health intervention specialty designed to provide in home support service delivery to those children with serious emotional problems, or with maladaptive and or disruptive behaviors who are experiencing a stressful transition or life crisis. The goal of TBS program is enhancing coping and essential life skills of the clients thereby promoting necessary positive behavior modifications/change.

TBS provides one to one intervention services in accordance with a behavioral plan developed by a licensed professional. Clients can be approved up to 40 hours a week for services. TBS is covered by Medicaid.


All clients must be referred by a licensed clinician. Upon receipt of the referral our Rehabilitation Specialist will visit the home and conduct a behavioral assessment. Based on the behavioral assessment and client’s diagnosis, a behavior plan will be developed and goals developed and thereafter a Therapeutic Behavioral Aide will be assigned to begin services.


TBS service is a one to one therapeutic intervention provided by a trained provider referred to as a TBS aide. The aide provides TBS in the home in order to be immediately available to intervene for a specified period of time, depending upon the needs of the child/youth. Services provided based on the behavioral modification strategies identified in the intervention plan and some of these strategies include identifying coping skills, anger management skills, assertiveness skills, creating safety plans, behavioral tracking, positive reinforcement, parent coaching/parental skills enhancement, modeling, structure, support and immediate, frequent one-to one behavioral intervention, and many more focused on assisting the client in changing or managing target behaviors.


Clients generally receive 5-40 hours of services per week of TBS services, depending on the Medicaid / Insurance approval. Reassessment done every 50 days and behavioral plan updated to reflect current treatment needs.

To be eligible for our TBS services you must be client must be younger than 21 years old and be enrolled in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid).



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