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Driver Improvement Program (DIP). Take online driver improvement program, This online classroom is approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration Take Course 3 Hours Drugs & Alcohol Education Class We welcome you to take our Internet Safe and Sober Program Completely satisfies your requirement for the Maryland 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program Take Course Nursing Care Services GHS provides in home nursing care to those in need. We have male and female licensed MA's, CNA's, MedTech's, and GNA's on call to satisfy all of your needs. We cater to all areas in the state of Maryland. GHS accepts patients with the Living At Home Waiver and the Waiver For Older Adults.


At Global Healthcare Systems, Inc we believe in the individuality and dignity of all patients and staff members. Our primary goal is to promote total well-being and life skills for optimal functioning of all of our clients and patients.
GHS is designed to provide a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services in a non-residential setting for alcohol and chemically dependent individuals whose physical and emotional status allows them to function in their usual home and work environment.


We believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of the patients/clients, their families, and the staff. We believe that each client has the capacity to alter his or her behavior and to make certain choices so as to enable him or her to lead a more satisfying and enriching life.

We believe that client-centered treatment can effect desired behavior change and promote total well-being.

We believe in a process of continuous monitoring and evaluation of our programs in order to improve the level of service and respond to the needs of our clients.

We believe that offering coordinated medical and counseling services, placing value on the family unit, and acquiring functional living skills are the most important aspects of care and treatment. We believe in a commitment to the staff and to the provision of opportunities for their professional growth and development.



Get Your Physicals and other Medical Needs Addressed Today!

At Global Healthcare Systems, Inc Primary Care unit, we offer primary care and family care services without appointments.
If you need a general check-up, physical, or want to discuss something with a knowledgeable physician, call 410-296-0180 to make appointments and walk-ins allowed.


The Global Healthcare Systems, Inc OMHC provides therapy and medication management to children (ages 5 and up), adolescents and adults. We provide evidenced based therapeutic services such as

  • Individual, family and Group Psychotherapy.
  • Medication Management / Medication refills
  • Psychiatric evaluations/ assessments and Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Call 410-296-0180 to schedule appointments.


The Global MAT Clinic Treatment Process includes Assessment, Case Management, intake and medication (suboxone) prescription. Available Counseling Programs includes:

  • Early Intervention/DUI Education Program.
  • Standard Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP)

Call 410-296-0180 to schedule an appointment for suboxone (buprenorphine) prescription and or refills.



Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (Mentoring Program)

The Mentoring Program also known as PRP services are designed to assist both adults, adolescents and minors who are emotionally and or academically challenged with necessary coping skills and essential life skills enhancement needed for emotional, psychological and behavioral wellbeing.

Substance Abuse Disorders Treatment Programs

A  psychosocial evaluation is conducted to enter the DUI/DWI Education Program or the Substance Abuse Therapy. The evaluation runs about an hour and a half. You may also utilize GHS to obtain an evaluation for court case purposes as well as urinalysis testing. For more information, contact the administrator.

Residential Service Agency Program

– Community Option Choices / Waiver Program (State Approved)
– Nursing Care Services / Private Duty Program
– Personal Care /Home Health Aides Service
– Nursing aides and Nurse Supervision Program
– Other information is on the current website


Order a licensed medical professional to your home in 45 minutes or less. Avoid contaminated waiting rooms – get seen at home. We treat for almost all non-emergency symptoms.
This includes the common ailments below, along with hundreds of others.
Call us now to be seen in the next 45 minutes or schedule for a later time.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS Program)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services is a temporary form of mental health intervention specialty designed to provide in home support service delivery to those children with serious emotional problems, or with maladaptive and or disruptive behaviors who are experiencing a stressful transition or life crisis

State MVA Approved Programs

– Driver Improvement Program (DIP) ONLINE and Classes – For ONLINE DIP Program Click here
– 3 hrs Alcohol and Drugs Education Program – ONLINE and Classes For ONLINE 3 hrs Alcohol and Drugs Program Click here Management and Agency Staff

Primary Care Provider /

Family Medicine Practice

Insurance Information

Global Healthcare Systems, Inc Primary Care / Family Practice accepts most major health insurance plans. This is a general list of plans accepted and should be used only as a guide. This list is subject to change. If you are uncertain as to whether your individual health insurance plan is accepted at Global Healthcare Systems, Inc, please call your insurance company.

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