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Mentoring Program (PRP)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs for (Adults and Minors)
The Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program also known as PRP services are designed to assist both adults, adolescents and  minors who are emotionally and or academically challenged with necessary coping skills and essential life skills enhancement needed for emotional, psychological and behavioral wellbeing.

Program is designed for individuals with Learning Difficulties, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Conduct disorders, Asperger Syndrome, Autism Syndromes and other Emotional and mental develop essential life skills needed to function optimally in the society.


Services are provided onsite and offsite by trained psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners. Transportation to and from the facility is provided in the local area.

Beginning at enrollment and routinely throughout a member’s time at the PRP, skills are assessed to determine a member’s needs. If skills or resources are needed, staff is qualified to teach, provide, or access them. Rehabilitation is provided to all members through individualized meetings, educational groups, and organized social activities. For each member, individualized rehabilitation is provided in the environment of need as indicated by on-going assessments.

Mentoring Program Staff

We have well trained, compassionate and qualified rehabilitation staff who prioritize the care and interests of the members. Services are provided in a supportive environment where member feedback and suggestion is welcomed and valued.

Each member receives individualized counseling which includes thorough, on-going assessments using tools mandated by the state of Maryland, rehabilitation plans, supportive meetings, and access to group activities to help members meet the goals of their choice.

Group Activities Include:

  • Social Skills/Leisure/Communication: -support the development and maintenance of natural supports through instruction and activities

  • Anger management and coping skills class.

  • Community Living Skills/Work Readiness/Functional Shopping: – increase access to and utilization of community resources including employment.

  • Health & Wellness/Exercise/Nutrition/Cooking Class: – promote healthy food choices and active lifestyle through instruction and use of exercise equipment.

  • Career and vocational skills enhancement – career choice assistance, job application assistance, – teaching members how to complete an application, write a resume, and prepare for interviews- providing onsite work opportunities to develop and fine tune skills – connecting members with community resources that assist with securing employment.

  • Essential Parenting skills class for adults in the program.

How to join the Program:

  • We accept medical assistance. If an individual does not have medical assistance, the state may make exceptions. Please call to discuss these circumstances prior to submitting a referral.

  • If you or someone you know is interested in joining the mentoring program (PRP), a one page referral form must be completed by a licensed professional.

Nursing Supervision Services
Here at GHS we provide private duty nursing to those who pay out of pocket as well as those who are a part of the Living at Home Waiver Program and the Waiver for Older Adults. For more information about out private duty nursing services contact the administrator.
Motor Vehicle Administration
GHS offers programs that are approved by the MVA and we can be found listed on the MVA website. We offer the Driver Improvement Program and the 3 Hour Drug and Alcohol Education Program to those looking to apply for a Maryland State Driver's License.
Family Counseling and Involvement
GHS offers family counseling to those in need during their trreatment as well as community aftercare planning, outpatient aftercare, and work release. For more information contact the administrator.


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